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27 December, 2013

Back In The Desert

It's amazing how quickly time goes by when you barely see your family.  It hasn't been more than a few days since these memories were made and pictures taken but there's constantly been things to do, someone to see, places to go...time flies!!

The first few days after I landed were pretty chill.  Thankfully so as my jetlag normally lasts me a little over a week!!  To think that this is the easy part of the jet lag....*shudders* -__-I'm quite convinced that I've done really well this time around with waking up early, not going to bed all too late, and no naps in between.  I've done much better now in comparison to my last few visits.  Getting way too used to travel :P

Nearly spent half a day just unpacking, sorting, and trying on all my new goodies (what a hard life ;) hehehe) that arrived in an amount of parcels (packing methods are absolutely ridiculous to put it politely! So environmentally unfriendly!!) that took up half of our garage.  I have to admit I'm quite happy with what came in round 1; a nice overall result, quite satisfied.

For once I was lucky enough to fly back early enough to see Lina in one of her school productions and it blew me away!! The entire play was much more adult--both in content and in humour--than I had originally expected give their age group and was really well performed.  It's entire basis is essentially that the things we learn in kindergarden are things that will effect us and follow us later on through life. Well done to everyone involved!!

The weather in itself was enough of a reason to make me smile!! It's been awhile since I've had day after day with a consistent amount of sunshine and warmth that led to the ability for me to go outside without my giant trench coat on and enjoy breakfast without having to rush.  Happy child!!  If that wasn't good enough already, bring on the Caribbean company!! Helene, Jason, and baby Louie arrived a few days after I did and the house went from 0 to 50 in energy (and at times lack-thereof) and happiness in less than a second.  So wonderful that we all have been able to gather for the holidays this year and I, specifically, am incredibly happy to be able to experience Louie as a "baby" in reality versus the stream of photo's via email and Skype.

Then came the annual Christmas party at the Mannari's.  My family has known them since I was 3, travelled throughout Europe with them, went to their school as a kid....And a little over 15 years later, the only thing that's changed is us kids!!  Had an absolute blast running into all of these people who remember me as that little Scandinavian toddler running around in nothing but a nappy (if even that) and catching up with everyone.

We packed up our kitchen, winter wardrobes, and headed up North to Flagstaff, Arizona the day after the Christmas party and have enjoyed every beautiful, snowy day since arriving!!  Can't wait to share the photo's of this fabulous cabin we've temporarily loaned from our mates who are, ironically enough now that we've got the family here from the Cayman Islands, are vacationing less than 5 minutes away from their house in Cayman!! Wicked decision on all of our parts in my not-so-humble opinion ;)

Off to bed soon enough (if I'm a good girl).

Loads of love,


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