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26 December, 2013

A Scandinavian Getaway

Evening and Merry Christmas!!

These two days were two of the most memorable from my time in Denmark, hands down.  The scenery, the company, conversations, the vibe...everything was just perfect!! Josie has a talent that I for one, value quite highly, the talent of knowing exactly what you, as one of her friends, needs...and she delivers!!

A bit after I'd convinced the boy that I'd flown back to England and was a busy-body with my midterm presentations, the stress of preparing for his looming surprise graduation party prezzie, and seeing as many lovelies as I could in this trip kicked in.  In reality I was still working on all of my midterm coursework assignments (just whilst being in a different country) and still internally struggling with where I wanted and needed to be in the world.

I'd just arrived in Nyborg to see Josie that afternoon when, after a few hours, we she decided we needed some girlie alone time away from everything and everyone.  To the summerhouse it was!! I was already travelling with all of my stuff any-who as the day following I'd planned to meet up with Polina and Mads' lovely cousin Trine and her colleagues for a few drinks before I spent the night at hers so they could sneak me into his party the evening following.

What is a little getaway without purchasing half of 7-11 though? After stocking up on all of our "necessities" for the evening, rainbow gel seahorse gummy and Pop-Rocks included, we drove off into the night!!  The cottage was situated perfectly in the middle of a woodland/meadow-y area, and right out to the water.  There aren't enough wonderful adjectives in the world to describe how absolutely lovely this place is :)

Tea, sweets, duvets, Wifi, candles, (attempted) popcorn....all of your hearts desires mashed into one evening.  Add in One Direction's then newly-released "Story Of My Life" on repeat for over  24 hours (This is no joking matter. We definitely heard it over a 1,000 times), an endless supply of movies, and one of your best mates by your side to help you choose the perfect outfits and gossip about anything and everything, and you have one of the cosiest getaways in the history of ever. No argument.  I would gladly take the risk of cabin/cottage fever a million times over for another night or two of these in the near future :)

Many thanks to you, Josie!!!


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