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31 December, 2013

2013: A Year Through The Lens (Reflection)

Good morning and a Happy New Year to some of you already!!

The house is hustling and bustling with Lina taking down what's left of our Christmas decorations and beginning to set up for this afternoon's visitors and tonight's festivities while Helene is taking care of the  baby, I'm preparing to make dessert for 7, and Daddy's sorting through our menu checklist.

In true style of every new year, I find it prudent to take just a few minutes to try my best to remember all of the highs and lows, memories, of the year passing.  I'm a very nostalgic person, so I also do this on my birthday every year haha but I find it to be an interesting, brief, and simple activity that's always been worth it.  Time goes by so quickly, embrace all that comes along with it--the good and the bad.

With a moment on my hands, I thought I'd share with you the moments that have gone by in 2013:

-Mummy's 48th.
-Valentine's Day
-Flat hunting for mama
-Morfar's 80th.
-My 18th.
-Visitor from Germany
-Mormor's 75th.
-Accepted to all 5 universities!!
-Last day of high school
-Exam season
-Polina's 20th.
-Moved out of boarding school
-Moved mummy into her new flat
-Bon Jovi Concert with mummy
-Trip to Copenhagen/visit from Germany
-Summer has begun!
-Polina graduated
-Graduation ceremony
-Truck Ride
-Caroline's 18th.
-Meeting/getting to know Mads
-Last bit of time with my favourite girls
-Packing up and leaving from Denmark to London
-London/Breaks in Denmark (Mad's Svendegilde & 20th. Etc.)
-Christmas in Flagstaff/Scottsdale, Arizona



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