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08 August, 2013

The Opportunity Given

Morning/afternoon everyone :)

Off for a quick check-up at the doctor before packing up for a weekend with the girls in Odense!!

It'll be our last time out together as a group with Weezy (Louise) and the last time we'll see her for quite some time. Lucky me, since our families have known each other growing up, I get the privilege of knowing that I'll see here no later than December!! That'll help an awful lot when the time for "goodbyes" rolls around.

A surprise I was given without her realising she had forgotten to tell me...she'll be in Arizona this Christmas season! The little things♥ She's a keeper!

This quote reminds me a lot of another one I'd come across recently that states something along the lines of, "You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. Choose carefully." The two go hand-in-hand in my eyes. As difficult of a thing as it may be to have to let go, sometimes it's more difficult and more painful to hold on. Even if that's not the case, sometimes you have to do what's best for yourself before you can do what's best for others--no matter how much they mean to you or how much you may think you mean to them.

The opportunity is given to us on a daily basis but with so many of us leaving the city, state, or country to begin new chapters of our lives (be it at university/college, working, or travelling the world), this opportunity is more vehemently thrust upon us. It's easier to move on from something that you don't allow yourself to be confronted with on a daily basis and on the unlucky chance that it/he/she isn't something you can avoid, end off, then moving away to start anew is as much of a blessing as it is an opportunity.

Wishing you all well! Make it count.


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