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06 August, 2013

"That sh*t was potent!"

Afternoon :)

Louise came over yesterday for our final sleepover before she packs up and flies on back to Texas :( The majority of the day consisted of what most girly sleepovers do-- talking. Lovely to be able to catch up and just go on about everything and nothing at all with a good friend. Add in some bikinis, surprisingly nice weather, and some fatty foods and the afternoon was bound to go well!!

After dinner we walked down to the kiosk by the beach to treat ourselves to some ice-cream. I, of course, had to make it difficult on myself by ordering an all-too-massive classic, Danish ice-cream cone with extra fluff and stuff, mmmm. It was impossible on every level but needless to say, we were both about to die of laughter by the time we actually reached my mum's. Typical weirdo Em moments seem to make for an eventful day ;) As Weezy so sweetly puts it, "You're never bored"!! Gonna miss this girl so much it's crazy!

Decided to head over to mama's a bit later on where we proceeded to successfully make Mojito's (last time didn't go as planned ;) ) and enjoyed a beautiful summer night. Nothing better than sleeping in and then waking up to the smell of cheese-accented scrambled eggs and crisp bacon! Although this morning's weather was ridiculously bi-polar even it couldn't ruin our cute little American breakfast.

Thanks for this time babygirl, can't wait for this weekend :)

xoxo Em


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