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07 August, 2013

Ribes Uva-Crispa

...More commonly known as Gooseberries!

It's such a funny name in English! I'm more used to hearing them being referred to  as "Stikkelsbær", and they've taken up a decent chunk of my day!

After talking over some financials with the family regarding university, accommodations, living expenses etc. and finally finishing my 2 months worth of laundry (ironing inclusive! oolala ;) ) I've been helping mummy out a bit. First and foremost my job today being picking hundreds if not thousands of these sweetly-sour berries and enjoying the never-boring company of close family friend and resident 90 year-old, Ruth.

I love, love, love most houses and their respective decor throughout Europe...with Denmark in particular! Especially the vintage vibes you simply can't avoid in houses belonging to the elderly. My grandparents is, admittedly, a bit more modern but the touch that your great, great grandmother's crystal chandelier, grand piano, antique sofa etc. can add to a house is really what makes it home! It gives it such a personal and unique touch that I adore! Ruth's home is very typically Danish in my eyes and although it might not match my personal taste/style regarding decor, it's lovely nonetheless and great for inspirations of all sorts.

A few pictures for you all to help you get over the mid-week hump that is Wednesday!! Been trying my best to sneak in some more pictures here and there as I feel that SMITR (Smoke In The Rain) has been a bit dry lately! Not pleased!

Off to enjoy dinner consistent of mummy's first grown tomato this year and Lyfe's first cucumber...amongst a few other things! hehe Exciting stuff ;)

Hope your week has been off to a positive start whether you're still on vacation, preparing to start-up school &/or work again, or already in full gear!

Much love,


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