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01 August, 2013

Pageviews: A Thank You

I'm going to just jump right into this and say that YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY-AMAZING!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of the continuous support! Smoke In The Rain, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, was meant to be much like Dawn Over Dusk, an easy way for me to share the little and more significant events in my life with my family and friends overseas. You guys have turned SITR into something that in my eyes, now has some actual potential :)

It's a surreal feeling to see these numbers climb--daily, weekly, monthly--and to have that concrete proof to show that for whatever reason, you choose to read, follow along, and hopefully, enjoy the things I share with you all.

The numbers shown are from June, available for me in the beginning of this past July. Over 4,000?!?!?! The picture below is what really hit me hard...Dawn Over Dusk, my first blog, started in the beginning of pre-IB in 2010 and continued up until mid April 2013 with a few prolonged breaks in between. In those 3 years, I wrote 92 posts. May 29th., 2013 marked the day of the first post here on Smoke In The Rain. This screenshot was taken on the 24th. of June, 2013. In less than a month's time, with 10 posts less, YOU GUYS managed to get more pageviews than Dawn Over Dusk had in those 3 years time!!!

These numbers might not be much to other people but they genuinely mean the world to me! :)
So incredibly thankful to everyone that's followed along up until this point and to all of you new readers! Hope I can continue to live up to this unfathomable support with better, more in detail, consistent posts.

Feel free to DM me on Twitter at @xxEmKirstinexx or comment below if you have any ideas/requests for future posts.

Love & gratitude,


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