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05 August, 2013

Vintage Vibes

Morning all :)

A quick Outfit of the Day to kick start the week!! Had been staying with mummy for a few days without really having have packed for such an extended sleepover and with a guest coming over, I had to look somewhat presentable in something other than my nightgown :P

Didn't take all too much raiding through mummy's ingenious, gorgeous, and 90% vintage closet for me to notice this elegant number. I adore flowers in all their many forms. Be it bouquets, dried, on shoes, bags, and clothing alike so when I laid eyes on this set I practically knocked over half off the other items on the rack in my excitement :D It's a beautiful matching top and maxi skirt which I chose to modernise a bit by tying the top up a bit to show a sliver of skin, put on a classic navy blue lace Marie Jo bra underneath, did my nails at a pointed angle with shimmery lilac, added a few classic silver jewelry pieces and a side plait, and ouila!!! Modernised vintage look of the day!

Quite chuffed with the outcome if I do say so myself! Think I managed to nail a good 6-7 trends in one go ;) Wish I had taken more photographs but I felt myself being swept away by the beautiful summer night in the company of a few of the best, some homemade pizza, mummy's enchanting chandelier.........andddddd lost light before I could manage :/ Hope these will do!

Loads of love,


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