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06 August, 2013

Accommodations: √

Well, YAY!!!

It seems as though everything is finally beginning to look up for me :)
(*knock on wood* about damn time...)
After all the grief I was put through post-IB examination results
(we won't talk about all that happened long before) the future didn't look as bright as I had both planned, prepared, and hoped for but thankfully things seem to be changing at all angles!

It's all beginning to sink in now with my confirming my place as a student at the University of Westminster this fall as well as paying the deposit for my place in the student halls as of today. A big sigh of relief in itself but I'm still holding my breath! Life has a way of throwing lemons at me rather than giving them nicely. And once you get used to the pattern of things going fabulously and then straight to h-e-double hockey sticks it's hard to really enjoy the positive moments. Trying my best, will a little help from some lovelies :*

I'm having a hard time giving myself more than a 24-48 hour break these days with all the many preparations that are in order but it was nothing short of amazing to see Louise again, even if it was one of the last times. A little post regarding our girly Monday is just around the corner once I've gotten a few other necessities out of the way and edited the pictures a bit for y'all.

Couldn't resist sharing this tidbit of good news with you all.

Much love & happy Tuesday :)



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