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02 August, 2013

Morning Chill

Morning/afternoon lovelies :)

God, how crazy is it to think that we're already in August?! Summer is ending frighteningly quick this year!

It always seems to disappear in a split second, especially in comparison to the other months of year spent in school &/or working...But with all of these massive events this time around and the craziness associated with preparing for university, it's just slipped right out of my hands! Hoping to enjoy the last of it to the fullest. Unfortunately that means that goodbyes are already going to be in order as early as 2 weeks from now when my gorgeous girl, Louise, is headed all the way back home to Texas :( Just thinking about it gets me all teary-eyed so.... TOPIC CHANGE!

If any of you have ever visited or have lived in Denmark, you know very well how bipolar the weather is year-round! Summer? No exception. Had to run a few basic errands with mummy the other day and I was proper decked out for winter!! I'm talking knit jumper & Uggs in late July!!! I will not say that summer's ending, I will not say that summer's ending, I will not say that.... damnit.

Toto, we ain't in Arizona anymore...


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