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05 August, 2013

Lazy Sunday Turned Monday

Don't Monday's just have the overwhelmingly powerful affect of making you so wish you could just dive right back into the lazy Sunday that's already begun to feel like a distant memory?

Dealing with a few last details regarding university, inclusive of paying the deposit for my, update!!: DORM ROOOOOMMMMMM, before I prep for the arrival of my favourite curly haired Texan babe, Louise. 

Can't believe how quickly time is going by! It's actually beginning to scare me as the past fades into the background and the events of future settle in. These next few weeks will be cherished to the max, busy as they will be. However, I can't help but dread it a bit many goodbyes to be said. 

Before I start spilling teardrops all over my beloved Macbook Pro, a few black and white pictures taken from yesterday's semi-lazy Sunday :) 

The majority of the day was spent doing absolutely nothing at all apart from enjoying the amazing view, weather, and company. Summer days at their finest :) Later on the evening after popping in to see mummy for a bit I got my act together.  Not only have I managed to (no b.s.) dump half of my closet into the wash (finally! after 2 months :D) but pack 3 suitcases to the brim! 

Yesterday marks the day I've officially started moving to London. Trying to let that sink in.



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