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08 August, 2013

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming!

Evening :)

Back home again and ready to relax with some Law & Order before starting dinner.

After my appointment we decided to take a little walk around the harbour to take a look at all the ships that have come in for the Navy regatta for the Nordic countries. One look at these amazingly intricate ships and I can't help but think about Pocahontas, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the "olden days".

If we're being honest here, I will fully admit to the fact that I've always wanted to swing on the ropes, jumping about until the only way for me to get down is to stab the sail and slide down. What can I say, I've always had a flair for the dramatic...and I've watched too many movies! ;)

Ironic timing as much of this morning was spent on deciding how and what kind of insurance I will need once I move!! Much of which was spent speaking Norwegian to the company! Funny, seeing as the main ship was Norwegian!

Ran a few errands thereafter to ensure that we were proper stocked up on goodies for the weekend. With me being the loveable spoiled brat that I am, I got my favourites. Love you mummmyyyyyyyyyyyyy heheheh Thankfully we have the same taste! (badam chhhhh Bad joke, bad joke. I apologise.)

Hope you've had a lovely day :)


Needed a little ice-cream break ;) Love this woman!


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