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08 August, 2013

Just Keep Hanging On

Evening darlings!

Thursday night feels good, doesn't it?! So close to the weekend! I'm so excited for this one in particular because one way or the other, we're going to have to make it amazing for Louise! An unforgettable few nights are sure to come!

Working on a larger post for you all on today but, I won't lie, this picture deserved a post of it's own! ;)
It's a renowned statue in Svendborg that you constantly see tourists taking pictures of/by and today, I couldn't resist. It's called "Hvalfisken" (translation: whale fish) and instead of me attempting to half-heartedly giving you the story behind it, I have a feeling this will get you much further! It's unfortunately for my International readers, in Danish :( But everyone loves a good Google Translate!

Probably due to my strange (when isn't it when it's regarding me...) amount of energy this morning/afternoon that just won't quit. Weird, seeing as I wasn't in bed until 3 and slept like crap. Suppose it's true what they say about the powers of being in a good mood!!  Amazing what a great start to your day can do for you! Lucky me, it seems to be continuing!

I've been taking a look at all the clubs, societies, and sports Westminster has to offer and I can't stop smiling/screaming. I've missed sports (in specific) more than I can put into words!! Some of the best experiences and memories I have from my time in America are tied in with practice, games, celebrations, and everything in between. I'M SO EXCITED!!! My only problem will be how to make time for all of it in between taking my BA Honours, socialising, music, and a job! Hmmm. If there isn't a way, I will make one.


fishy and me♥

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