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03 August, 2013

A Night At The Beach: Sneak Peek

Evening darlins :)

How's the weekend been treating you all? Out to dinner now after a lovely early evening time at the beach and a day filled with just relaxing. Trying to at least. It helps with a cosy hammock, a nice view, and some cute company.  Think I've deserved it after a week filled with applications and stress, stress, stress! 

Been trying to sneak a few pictures in between but some people are a tad bit camera shy ;) Either that or I hear, "Click! Click! Click!" coming from beside me in a mocking tone!! Blogger problems...

Had a good night sweethearts! Stay safe! (*Said in a condescending maternal tone*) More pics coming your way soon :) Inclusive of a vintage OOTD post right around the bend.



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