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16 July, 2013

Update: Posts

Hello! Hello!

It seems as though I'm not meant to have a vacation this summer so amidst the crazy and constant turn of events I've been trying to make time to just enjoy myself and forget about the worries that otherwise seem to consume me.

My original plan was to share everything chronologically but with me barely being around my computer and Lina enjoying herself in The Caymans, I haven't actually received the majority of the photographs taken on the day of my high school graduation. That, combined with my obsession with organisation and structure, has essentially just put my posting anything thereafter an absolute standstill.

I've finally made the decision to give you all whatever I've got right now from my graduation and truck ride and will make full posts on both these two events whenever I've got the pictures in my possession.  After this post, everything will follow in the chronological order that they occurred in.

All my best and thanks for your patience! Hope you're having a wonderful summer and that you're enjoying the vacation :)



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