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17 July, 2013



After all the stress after getting my IB results, figuring out uni stuff, etc. etc. I decided that I needed as much I deserved a break!! So, I packed up a few things and headed back to Nyborg to have dinner, drinks, and a little fun with Josie :) ...and ended staying there for nearly 3 days! hehe

It was the perfect break from reality, spent catching up on life with a good friend and just forgetting about all my worries by playing with Ti Ta (one of the best dogs I've ever met!), hanging out by the ocean, trying some new food, and listening to, "Undressed" by Kim Cesarion on repeat. ANNNDDDDD the fact that Richmond, The American International University of London accepted me on an updated onditional offer MIGHT have perked me up a tad bit!!!!! :D

A few pictures from a few lovely days!



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