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05 July, 2013

The Other Side


Hope you've all enjoyed my virtual presence again. Won't lie, I'm feeling pretty darn productive (and slightly obnoxious), so I hope you love me for it!! Otherwise, what would a potential second round of Carpal Tunnel be good for?! ;)

On the 25th. of June I headed out to Nyborg to be there when my darling Russian, Polina, finished her final exam and got that beautiful graduation hat of hers on! Met up with her parents and outside of the classroom as we anxiously awaited the moment that she would come out with a massive grin and tears streaming down her face. I'm pretty sure I was more nervous than even her own mother! Po has been freaking out massively just as the rest of us did during our now nearly prehistoric exam period saying how she didn't think she'd get higher then a 4 (Danish grade system). B.S. My babygirl came out with a 12 on her final exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were all completely overwhelmed and simply could not have been any prouder of her! The biggest possible congrats I can muster to you love!!! I knew you could do you it you evil little genius, you! Wishing you all the absolute best and I am so incredibly thankful and happy for not only being able to have been there on your special day but for having known you and having had you as a best friend these past few years. You deserve all of your well-earned success and good times to follow! Stunning!

Polina had a few errands to run and family in town to celebrate with so we met up at A-Bar in Odense later on to party in her honour as well as to take Avery, Louise's gorgeous best friend from Texas, out on the town!! She arrived a few days before and she is the absolute cutest, sweetest little thing!! So happy that I got to spend time with her, looking very much forward to seeing you soon again lovely :) Here are a few pictures from our wild night out (the actual ehm, "wild" photo's won't be posted :P) that started at Stine's father's AMAZING apartment in Odense and ended with us all having hangovers from h e double hockey sticks.



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