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16 July, 2013

The Last Days of Huckleberry & Lionel

A short but sweet compilation of a few fun pictures of Lina's last 2 days here in Denmark, as well as the day of her departure :)

Most of the time was spent talking, kebab-eating, shopping, and enjoying each others company for the remaining time this summer. As hard as it is to have to see her go every time, you learn to cherish absolutely every moment when you so rarely get to see the people you love because in this world, you never know if or when there could be a "next time".

Miss you Lionel/Lina!! In your honour I might just (get this, EXERCISE) walk on down to our favourite Kebab place and spam you with Snapchats ;)


pictures aren't out of order...we did just eat that two days in a row :P


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