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05 July, 2013

The (Hungover) Adventures of Lionel & Huckleberry

I present to you the aftermath of the night out as aforementioned in my previous post.

The most "productive" thing I managed the day following my night out with the group at A-Bar was probably deciding what the actual ?=)P(/O&R€FTYGV!HBJN I was going to do with the hundred Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates that my mum's friend decided to give me so I could hand them out at my graduation reception as party favours... Needless to say Lina, my grandmother, and me A sweet gesture as even though the majority are worthless, they are still beautiful plates :) I decided to keep ALL OF THEM after "much" deliberation.  I'm officially becoming a hoarder. Photographs below of my initial reaction upon their arrival say it all...

I felt so terrible going out the night before with everyone since that meant leaving Lina home alone but you only graduate once! I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could so I somehow fought on through one of the worst hangovers I've had in awhile to play "stang tennis", gossip and rolled around laughing for awhile until we decided that it was time for a trip down to the Kiosk for some fatty hangover food!!

I could not have been any more attractive in my graduation yoga pants, Joe Bonamassa t-shirt, leather jacket, letterman jacket, and flippy floppies (I hate them but my heels were COMPLETELY destroyed from the night before! We're talking bleeding blisters here :( ) but considering my physical and mental state....I also couldn't care less because WHO was I going to run into down at the kiosk by the harbour near the old house at 8 o'clock at night?!

Of course with my luck....after years of talking to Karen-Marie about how much I was looking forward to meeting her long-distance boyfriend, Richard, I MEET HIM IN MY GOD DAMN FLIPPY FLOPPIES as I'm sitting there ordering the biggest box of fries imaginable!! Charmed, by the way. Much love for you too Karen.'



Lina could star in a Cocio commercial, hands down!!

Lina wanted a "tumblr" shot of me jumping into the bottle.... 
I like to think I look like a majestic genie personally.


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