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16 July, 2013

Sushi & Sun

After coming home from the airport and taking the nicest nap of my life,
(try being up for 24 hours straight, having to say goodbye to your little sister, dealing with..humans...airport humans), and having 6 hours of travel time all before 1 p.m.) I thought it might be a good idea to have a little bonding time with mummy out in the brilliant summer weather (typical that it was amazing the day that Lina flew out)!!

Her balcony was finally officially repaired so we decided to feast out there for the night. After I spent awhile ranting about the morning from hell that Lina & I had at the airport, I ordered a boat-load of Sushi that I thought might just be the perfect way to thank my mama for all the things she's done for me recently :)

Spent the night talking about everything from past boyfriends to family history, jewellery, travelling, etc. so neither of us got to bed until the sun came up! It was my first time sleeping over at her new place as well and it is so beautiful!! Especially at night with the candles both in and outside and her massive Mexican chandelier hanging in the living room above the fur-coated coach...the place just screams vintage-cool and it's got such an amazingly chill vibe. Happy for her that she's finally got her own place that she can call "home". Hopefully I'm next!!



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