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04 July, 2013

Small Town Days

Good eveniiinnggg :)

On the 24th. of June Caroline and I headed into town for a relaxed, lazy afternoon out in the rarely sunny Danish summer weather! This involved hot dogs, visiting the handmade glass shop (well, attempting was closed :( ) and essentially just shopping about quite a bit and having a look all around. Took a few pictures of the items that caught my eye that I'll be making a beeline for the next shopping trip I have time for!

I'll be doing two separate posts from this day later on. They will consist of an outfit of the day post as well as a mini-hault post from Red Cross :) Not nearly as fun when it's not a daily update written with all the flourishes and details my terrible memory can actually account for but nonetheless, enjoy! Gonna miss this adorable lil town when I move back to the big city </3



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