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16 July, 2013

My Reception

Beauties <3

The day after my graduation ceremony as well as the truck ride was the day set for my reception!! Not necessarily the absolute best date that could have been chosen but hey, hangovers all around any who!

Was so happy to be able to see everyone that was actually still in the country and available to come, especially my family and family friends that travelled in order to wish me congratulations and celebrate!

I arrived a bit earlier than the guests (thankfully!) to help with setting up and preparing the food and decor for the day. A rush, the whole lot of it! I was in Nyborg staying at Louise's as we had originally planned to go out in Odense the night of graduation so I rushed back in my beautiful new Zara heels and crisp white dress (not recommended travel wear, ladies!!) to get ahold of things that were, already 2 hours before starting time, in a state of panic! Poor Morfar had to go through the whole morning with 4 crazy, perfectionistic control freaks running about! haha

It's never easy when guests start arriving early and there's still a million and one things left for the hostess and help to do! Mum somehow managed to catch me on camera trying to glue all of my nails that I'd taken off after the ceremony so that I wouldn't lose them on the truck ride....Probably the most stressful moment for me to be honest!! Got superglue plastered all over my hands as guest started pouring in with flowers, presents, and loads of hugs to be given and hands to be shook :P Class act. All whilst taking jackets, mingling, handing out welcome glasses of champagne and taking over as DJ (exhale).

Things started looking up when for the first time in weeks, the sun came out and stayed out (just for me :P)! The party was quickly moved from inside to outside so that the guest could enjoy the beautiful weather.  I got a lot of beautiful presents and had the best time once the dust settled! The only downside was that not everyone could make it due to either work or travel. The beginning was chaotic and hectic but everything went really well, a great success in the end!!



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