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04 July, 2013

Midsummer 2013 (Sankt Hans) Pt. 2

Hey there good lookin' ;)

As promised 2 weeks and an eternity ago, here is the beginning of the overwhelming (for both you and me, trust) stream of posts following the never-ending amount of significant and wonderful events that have occurred over the course of these past few weeks!

Kicking it all off with the second part of pictures from Midsummer/Sank Hans!! Incase you missed part 1, have a look-see here:

We had a relatively small gathering of just family and friends over for the evening and yet, as per usual around here, enough food leftover to have celebrated 3 days of Midsummer instead of just a single evening! I was beyond stuffed with all of the delicious goodies that we had ordered in for the night with particular attention on my part being given to...what else?! but my ultimate favourite, caesar salad!!

Lina, that popular little beastie, managed to have party plans for after dinner scheduled long before I had even managed to undo my belt! So in order for my self-esteem to not catapult aggressively through the ground, I, of course, had to make some little plans of my own just to live up to the reputation she's convinced I have ;) That lil un had been in the country for about a week and she was already running around left, right, and centre to parties ( proud)!!

After a few welcome drinks (bubbbllyyyyyyyyyyy!) and god knows how many helpings of food consumed over the routine topic of IB, my hat, graduation, grades, and the sorts Lina and I rushed to change into some slightly more appropriate night-time outfits and practically ran out the door as our ride arrived a "tad bit" early.

She and her friend headed off to Christiansminde to see the bonfire and burning of the witch whilst I headed up to Jordie's store to have a few beers before the rest of the company arrived and the party moved elsewhere!

All in all a successful night from both of our parts with some nice memories made and a chill vibe set throughout. One of the absolute hi-lghts of my night had to be that I got to see Matty's lovely sister, Caroline, again after 2 years!! Missed you, lady!

The Look:

Top--Forever 21
Sandal Heels--Zara
Watch--Michael Kors



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