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05 July, 2013


Evening beauties :)

I can't believe we're already in July and that yet another week has just flown by! Even crazier?! I GET MY GRADES IN 1 DAY. MEANING...TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T O M O R R O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE!!!!!!! LIFE CHANGING EVENT HERE!!!! TOTALLY STAYING CALM PPSHHH PSHHH PSHHH. :/

I hope you've had a great week and that your summer's been off to an amazing start and that all of ours continues in such a direction! Oh, and if you've had a mopey/sad/unfortunate/strange/emotionless/emotional or just downright bad New Girl. For the love of things beautiful and holy in this world, w a t c h i t. It's a magical TV show that has the power and full capability of cheering up even an overtired, lonely little graduate girl with a to-do list a mile long and a sister who is suddenly very far away again :( For those of you wondering, yes, yes the title of this is a New Girl quote. Winston, darling <3

Have a good night and best of luck to all of you fellow IB students out there with the whole controlling your extreme nerves/angst/blood pressure/chocolate and or alcohol cravings over these final few days. And with the outcome of course ;)

Hope you've all enjoyed the fruit of my hard labour today :P I've got quite a ways to go before I'm anywhere near being full caught up I'm afraid...but hey, get yourselves excited over that!! All things graduation related are soon on their way!

Loads of love,


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