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16 July, 2013

Graduation: Sneak Peek


I haven't got many pictures of my own since Lina was put in charge of documenting the day and well, I was a bit occupied myself, but here are the few I've got :)

Attempting to catch up on all my work, inclusive of preparing some more posts for you guys, while enjoying Season 6 of True Blood--whoop! whoop!

The group pictures were taken up at the school during the graduates' breakfast before we all headed down to Nyborg Hallen for the ceremony itself. And dear =)(/&%R%FTY€VGHBJ!NKML;Æ!€  goodness it was cold and windy!! Hopefully it's not all too obvious that we're all freezing our arses off in our beautiful array of traditional white summer dresses :P 

Still quite impressed that I managed to fit into mum's wedding dress for graduation day as she was a skinny minny way back when! Chuffed that I was given the opportunity to wear it and (thankfully) managed to give it back unscathed...only stained with more memories of a second generation's special day.

The other pictures are from after the ceremony when we all (Mormor, Morfar, Mummy, Lina, & me) rushed out of the ceremony and into the car in order for me to get alcohol for the truck ride that I found out that morning was NOT included in the price paid to go on the trip (typical). What's more fun than panicked/rushed selfies with my two best girls?! 



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