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26 July, 2013

Crazy days, city lights

Hello all, and happy Friday :)

I'm going to have to continuously apologise for my random leaves of absence but hey, it's summer, and my life is all over the place!!

Fantastic news has finally come to me in the form of two unconditional offers given to me by Richmond, The American International University of London and The University of Westminster :D Been completely over the moon, still letting the fact that I'm actually going to university in London really sink in.

Before receiving the news I really needed to get out of my slump so I took an impromptu visit to Copenhagen to see my darling girls Emma & Christina! Typical that half way to Copenhagen I find out that not only is Louise in town with her sister and Avery but that a friend of mine from Germany also happened to be in the Copenhagen area. Needless to say, it was a very...interesting trip ;) I love Copenhagen because to me, it's an entirely different world of it's own once you've grown used to the routine life an island away. The people you meet see you differently, free of judgement and the fact that you have the ability to actually get a pizza slice at 5 a.m.....well...who am I to call myself an American unless I were to appreciate the convenience that the city life offers?!

Didn't get the chance to take all to many pictures--sorry!! Was really just there to have a little escape and enjoy some wonderful company but what I do have, will soon be yours as well.

Diving into flat-hunting head-first now as I will officially be living alone and moving in a little over a month's time. I'm too busy to be able to fully wrap my head around it and am to a certain extent, living in denial.  I can't help but assume that I still have all the time in the world when in reality everything I was so busy with doing a month or so back that was put on hold after I got my exam results, is now on the to-do list again!!

Hope you're all doing well and that you've had a great summer as of yet and enjoy what's left before reality sets in and we actually have to start remembering the days of the week again! ;)



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