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17 July, 2013

Crazy Blondes

The title ought to give you all a pretty decent perspective of what's to come ;)

The day after I got back home from Josie's I had Caroline's 18th. birthday to attend at her stunning house in Odense. She's been planning this for months and as far as I could see as a guest, everything went off without a hitch! Whether it was the intricately prepared tapas, the hand-frosted mini-cupcakes, or the open bar that her brother and his friend were working throughout the evening, everything seemed perfect :)

This party gave her girls from Nyborg as well as her long-time friends from Odense the opportunity to finally cross paths and meet! Everyone was so incredibly sweet and had a great sense of humour--both firmly contributing to the overall success of the night.

And what's a party without a surprise guest?! Amara had flown in from New York to go to the famed Roskilde Festival this summer and was originally unable to attend Caro's 18th. but somehow things turned out for the better and she was able to come reunite with all of us for the night! She was originally in 2i with Louise, Stine, Louise K., and myself at the same school, but headed back to New York to finish high school instead.

It was a gorgeous summer night all the way through. For once, we were able to wear LESS clothes when heading out into the city to continue the celebration instead of the opposite! You gotta love it when you can get away with just wearing a pair of shorts to a party instead of having to deal with panty hose or the skin-tight jeans we so adore ;)

Caroline's birthday wasn't actually until the day following the party (SO OF COURSE THERE WAS A COUNTDOWN TO MIDNIGHT!!!) and she asked me if I'd like to stay :) We spent the most of our day sunbathing in the park with her brother and his mates before heading back home for some delicious leftovers from the night before, and heading out to a more personal party at HOME 5K where she's worked as a promoter for quite some time.

As entertaining as the night at HOME was....I'd nearly go so far as to say that the way there was more enjoyable--FOR CAROLINE.

Putting me on a bike is already an accident waiting to happen. Putting me on a bike so high that my feet can quite literally barely hit the pedals (EVERYONE IN HER FAMILY IS A GIANT -___-), in heels, after a few pre-party drinks, without me knowing how to stop (apart from jumping off the side at every red light), and telling me we'll be biking in traffic and up a hill: priceless.

I don't remember the last time I've ever feared my life as much as I did on the way into the city that night hahahahahahahahahaha Glad you enjoyed it though, Caro ;) This babe is the pro who's just chillin', fixing her hair, biking with one hand while the other is FILMING ME straggling behind her. Caramba.

The day after was a bit more relaxing, (likely due to the fact that by the time we got home the sun was already shining through the windows) as it was mostly spent preparing for the fact that her mummy was leaving her for vacation that same day. I felt like a proper member of the family after that night what with it just being Caroline, Sofie (her sister), Christoffer (brother), Sif (brother's girlfriend), and Sarah (sister's best friend), and myself in charge of preparing food.....Can you say BONDIIINGGGG??? We did a pretty good job as well!! Both with the cooking and with ensuring that there was under NO circumstances an awkward moment at the dinner table :P

Caroline and I decided to make the best out of a Sunday in a gorgeous house, home alone...with a boat load of booze left over from her party, so we had a few friends over for a fun night in :) Details will remain secret...however, I will say one thing. I HAVE DEVELOPED A NEW-FOUND HATRED FOR HAMMOCKS!!!! XD

Some of the most amazing days of my summer as of yet! Sincerely thinking about moving in! Even if it is just for the next...week ;)

Miss you, lady!! See you soon! Whether you want to or not.. wuhahahhaha


(pictures are super out of order... :( )

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