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10 July, 2013

Bella Notte At Bella Italia

Good afternoon all :)

It's as though life is having one hell of a time throwing problem after problem at me these days!! It must be quite amusing but I'd like to think that I'm tackling it quite alright. Stressed to the absolute brim, just hoping that everything works out in my favour and soon at that!! Preferably before I'm completely sleep deprived and sent to the looney bin!

I really am trying to keep up with the blog as much as I can and hope that within the coming weeks it will be back to full-speed but the future calls! :D On that note, I've finally received the pictures from my graduation dinner from my sun-kissed, Caribbean-loving little sister so...let the games begin!

My two grandparents, mummy, Lina, and myself decided to head down to Bella as much to celebrate my graduation the day following as we did as a tradition for when the sisters are reunited in this charming little city :) I was, for a change, in a bit of a rush as I had to prepare and pack EVERYTHING for the next two days, 3 events. These being graduation day, the truck ride, and my reception. Everything had to be perfect and it had to be perfect in a little under an hour as I had to pack it all up and bring with me to dinner so I could take the bus into Nyborg to be at Louise's the next day for our early morning graduation breakfast up at the school.

It was such a lovely dinner!! I'm obsessed with the starter that we had! It's this shrimp and crab cocktail with salad and the yummiest dressing! It reminds me a lot of the shrimp cocktail my dad makes for me around Christmas time because it's my absolute favourite! The main difference with these two  being Daddy has a spicier dressing and uses pineapple in the cocktail whereas Bella's has crab bits :D Yum yum yum! I got a pepperoni pizza for Lina's sake really and she got this tomato cream shrimp pasta dish which was essentially pretty pointless seeing as this lil un over here basically just came to eat all of the bread!!! The face she made when the waitress took away the second bread basket....puppy eyes, such sweet sorrow :D

Got quite a few pictures of the evening. Mainly a few hundred selfies of my sister and I in the.....5 min care ride over!




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