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22 June, 2013

Zara Haul

Good afternoon! Or for those of you slow-risers (no offence meant, I'm up early today ;) ), good morning!

Lina's just been dropped off at a friend of hers for the afternoon and now I'm all by my lonesome :( Benefit of this? I've got time to blog without feeling like the worst sister in the world...which is well, always nice!

Decided to get my act together and finally present to you all the beauties that have been added to the collection of my valuables!! I'm a massive Zara fan--both the quality and the class of the brand out-do so many others out there at the moment when you take a look at the prices!!

I will give a bit of a warning to you ladies though. These two pairs of heels are my first two from Zara (and hopefully not the last as they are gorgeous!!) and I've got my fingers crossed that they work out positively for me.  I have this fear/doubts because whilst shopping in Italy last fall, a friend of mine, Jana, and I realised that whether or not it actually has anything to do with the physical quality and construction of the shoes, that many of the heels from Zara give you a very unsteady feel (as if the heel is wobbly, broken, or about to break). Will be sure to do a follow up for all you chickies if anything goes drastically wrong! :( I've worn the brown strappy sandal heels once now without any issues or discomfort when I picked up my sister from the airport a few days back...hoping it continues in that direction with the black/gold peeptoe stilettos as well!

Also got a beautiful, white classic boucle blazer but it's at the Dry Cleaners so a picture was a bit difficult :P Instead, take a look at the post here where it was featured.

What about you guys? Review on Zara shoes--heels in particular? Tweet/message me at xxEmKirstinexx or shoot me a message on Facebook.

Without further adieu...haul #1!


I first spotted these beauts in Rome and they are finally mine!!!!!

Love this clutch-esc. addition to the bag. It's removable, meant to clip onto the inside of the bag to store important items/giving you easy access. 


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