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27 June, 2013

Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?


If only I could successfully put into words exactly how crazy this week has been, I might be able to apologise for the severe lack of posts a bit better than I can now! Sorry! Hope you all weren't too disappointed as I do believe I gave a few "warnings" regarding my brief absence :(

Anyways, tomorrow is my graduation ceremony and the traditional truck ride!!! I can't believe that I've already had my hat on for over a month and that high school is really coming to an absolute close...

Been running around the house like crazy today preparing everything from the 3 outfits I have for tomorrow and the day following (hair, makeup, accessories, change of shoes etc.), as well as preparing for my reception on the 29th. I feel like I can't see straight anymore never mind distinguishing turquoise from sea-foam and egg shell and crisp white! O______o

I deserve a nice kip but no no no, visited my grandmother's grave with the last bouquet of flowers from the old house's garden and we've got dinner reservations in just over an hour. Lot's of primping, packing, and cleaning has taken up my day in hopes that these next few days will be as perfect as I wish for them to be and that everything will go as smoothly as possible!

I'll be heading to Nyborg early (tonight) to Louise's so I can get ready with my group before our 8 A.M. grad. breakfast call tomorrow up at the school whereafter we'll have our graduation pictures taken and head down to Nyborg Hallen for the ceremony and truck ride!

I've got an outline written down and will try my absolute best to get as many of the posts done tonight but I make no promises so pretty please be patient and love me as much as I love thee :D

Hope you're all well and that wherever you are that the weather is more bearable than it is here! A real "Danish Summer" we've been blessed with as of yet :/ The thought of the yummy food at Bella Italia is cheering me up and calming my crazy self at the moment! Here's are the desserts from last time...hope they still have it! And that I can still fit into my grad dress tomorrow!! (no, seriously...pray for me.)



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