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05 June, 2013

Reporting For Duty!

Over at the new flat (mama's) with some little helpers in tow! Times like this (in specific) thank the Lordie for good friends...with children for us to enslave temporarily :P

It's such an amazingly beautiful day and with us living so close to the beach and to town, it's incredibly tempting to just run off!! I have to admit though, after a bit of down-time these past few days, a dose of heavy organising is just what I need to help me clear my mind :)

I have been put in charge of all things fashion and food-related (my mother knows me so well...) as the worker bees run up and down the staircase with a never-ending flow of moving boxes carrying god-knows what at this point. At least the living room is nearly done! Or rather, it's the only room that looks somewhat possible for a human being to live in at the moment...hmmm.

On break now since (hehe) I finished my latest task early and the rest are out picking up MORE stuff from the house.

In all honest, helping mummy move has officially begun to scare me a wee bit. This is just a move from a house into a flat; separated by no more than a few blocks away. Nothing, in comparison to moving to a new country all together in less amount of time!! Eeeekkkkk!!! Trying to remind myself that El and I are getting a flat that is already furnished and yes, both of us combined have three times as much as my mother does just in clothing alone, but still! No heavy couches or bed frames, kitchen appliances etc. to worry about! The best reminder as of yet has to be that, well, I've done it once before! ;)



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