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12 June, 2013

The future & the first goodbye

Hello beauts!

It seems as though life can only get busier and busier these days so bear with me and the lack of posts!

Yesterday started off early with mum and I picking up some stuff from the storage unit across the bridge, somehow managing to squish it into the car, and headed up to the flat to do some more organising/carrying/setting up...which essentially explained the majority of the day. It's all coming together!! We got her chandelier up and hanging, her bed put together....milestones these days, milestones!  So happy for her! :)

Headed over to a family friend's for some morning champagne/tea/coffee, pancakes, and riffled through some old family albums from when my sister and I were young and innocent and parents were beautiful  and lively ;) I love looking at the past to see the different fashion and how the places I still visit now have changed.

After hours of the typical moving routine (all too used to it these days!), Hanne, whom had us over for a cosy little time earlier, and I headed into town to pick up some lunch annnddd of course got distracted and ended up shopping as well ;)

Picked up two beautiful white dresses (can't have enough of them these days with all of these Danish traditions!) for graduation and my reception! Both are from H&M and as much as I would love to show you...I'd rather it be a surprise to be seen on their appropriate days of appearance ;)

Enjoyed the continuously marvellous weather, good food, and good company until the time came for one of the first of many goodbyes this summer......
 I've officially moved out of the house (Otte Ruds Vej).

It's been in the family for 50 years now and it's so packed full of memories. It's incredibly hard to say goodbye and realise that it's ours no longer. My grandfather was born and raised there, then came my mum, my sister, and me. So many pivotal and unforgettable moments occurred in that house throughout my childhood and specifically after I moved to Denmark and started living in the house that I'd grown up.

It's going to be really, really strange not being there anymore. Also knowing that I'll never have the opportunity to live with my mum again...something I thought I'd already lost with my Dad and my sister.

I've never been good with goodbyes. Of any sort. Needless to say yesterday was a very emotionally straining day for many reasons.


Beautiful Mama!

So weird seeing all of the stuff from our old house in Arizona come to Denmark. 
I got this for my mum when I was in Costa Rica. Apart from the wood, it is made out of only seeds.


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