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25 June, 2013

That Sh*t Cray

Afternoon :)

Just as you all managed to reach the third-highest amount of page views just two days back, you've trumped it!!! You guys continue to amazing me :) Thank you, thank you, thank you! A new record has officially been set! Don't ask me how, don't ask me why....all credit is given to all of my fabulous readers! Much love being sent your way :*

It's been a busy past few days and I haven't even gotten the time to think about the fact that my graduation ceremony is 3 DAYS AWAY!!! I'm nowhere near mentally prepared for that, or the truck ride, never mind my reception the day following! Time is going by faster than I can keep up! Pretty soon I'll be saying goodbye to my sister whom I feel like just arrived, getting my grades, and everything based on that will follow in a massive stream of important events/things to do. OVERWHELMED.

More posts coming your way regarding yesterday's outfit of the day and Sankt Hans/Midsummer! I hope to have a few up today but I'm off to see my bestie, Polina (Russian :P) get her hat on today after her last exam pretty darn soon! Add in my to-do list consisting of minimum 20 different things and you'd have a headache too!

To add on top of that, because...well, why the hell not?! It's just been one of those morning :( Stress all around!! Went to the bank because my card got swallowed by the ATM yesterday which resulted in me running from one bank to the next only to be told that for some unexplainable reason that neither bank could understand, my card has been locked. It has money on it, but it is locked. So LUCKY ME!!! The week of graduate celebrations and I'm running about will no card :/

Hopefully it'll all work out somehow. Things tend to have a way of doing so (just not usually to me.)T Damn, I am ready to drink!!! :P As if it wasn't bad enough, I started writing this post right around 10 A.M.

Awko Taco.

Hope your day is going better than mine and that mine looks up, and soon!!



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