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15 June, 2013



Again, sorry for the lack of posts but things have just been getting crazier and crazier around here! Now that we're basically done getting mum all moved in it's my turn to organise the boat-load of sh*t that I own and somehow need to schlep to London this summer/fall!! I managed to unpack all of my suitcases/duffle bags etc. from when I moved out of Otte Ruds Vej and get my stuff smushed into both closets at my grandparents' house, unpack 3 boxes, officially pack 3 boxes (winter clothes, shoes and whatnot), and organise 80% of what I've had standing at my grandparent's in the basement....inclusive of all my pre-IB notes that I never got to burn...and that only took 7 hours :D

Off to a good start in my book! Tried to get a good chunk done as MY LITTLE SISTER FLIES IN ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I want to spend 99.9% of my time with her during her 2 week stay in Denmark. It's her first time traveling completely solo trans-atlantic and I'm pretty sure I'm more nervous than she is!! I have no doubts that she will do amazingly--she's a born traveler, just like her big sister ;) Baby sis is growing up scary-fast! I DISAPPROVE :( Nah, but it's a strange thought...especially since before I moved to Europe when we travelled it was always just us two...THE DUO HAS BEEN SPLIT BY TIME AND SPACE AND....okay...a little bit hungover and just finished watching Men In Black II with with me.

My evening/night out yesterday acted as the perfect motivation and reward after all of that sorting, packing, unpacking, moving stuff up the stairs, down the stairs from room to to roo--#!€%/&!/YU(/!&#TRFTY!GVBH€JNKM!;. It got a bit hectic (when doesn't it?!) and as per usual, time was suddenly of the essence so I had fun doing a 360 outfit change (makeup included...always amusing. LOVE IT WHEN MY BATHROOMS MOVE!) on the train via Odense for a night out with Josephine, Louise K., Louise H., and some of their mates. After an amusing pre-drinking party at somebody's brother's girlfriend's mother's aunt's (?!) flat, we headed off to Spektrum!

It was the girls' (myself included) first time there and the night...minus having to send a lil un home a bit too early...was amazing! Spektrum is one of the "moving clubs" that pops up in cities for a certain amount of time and then sails off to the next ;) That's right, boat party! Louise and I were so determined to make a Lonely Island reference (and share that on any and all social media sites we could think of) nearly as soon as we boarded. Pshh, Americans...

We're home now after an extremely amusing evening and lounging on the couch making the lads cooks us some much-needed food :) This lovely lass has let me stay with her for the weekend so that way it'll be less travel time for me when I get to pick up Lina in CPH on Monday and I see a lot of trashy movies, good food, and girl talks ahead. After all, what's a successful night out without some gossip?  Considering the dress I was wearing, there's plenty to gossip about! Kidding.

It was one of the new ones I got from Newlook and I adore it but what I hadn't realised is that the back is very low cut...and me being the genius that I am, wore a bra that crossed in the back. Did a bit of a switch that was, for the most part, successful. Codeword: Pineapple.

Have a good weekend!!

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