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04 June, 2013

Sun Lolly Smile

Evening :)

Sorry for the lack of posts since my return to Fyn! I seem to be going through a bit of a writer's block but don't you fret, in due time, it'll hopefully all come in a natural flow (or so I keep telling myself...)

If you guys have any requests or question don't hesitate to send me a direct message on Twitter: or leave a comment below and I'll look over them soon. I know some of you are a bit shy but don't worry, I don't bite ;)

After 4 months of hacking up a storm the doctor's finally got their sh*t together! Today was the day filled with blood and breathing tests galore, results come back soon! Hoping for good, curable news ASAP because without being in good health, what do you really have in life?

Feeling exhausted and unproductive today but its enjoyable! Made a nom-worthy Kebab for lunch, broke out the sun lollies, and even got in some Yoga :) So this is what life after IB is like...

Been doing some more packing, flat-hunting, and as unrealistic as it is...puppy watching today as well. I so wish to have a dog again, a small one even, so that was the flat-to-be in London will make a suitable and happy home for the little bugger!!

Have a good night all, hope the week is off to a good start :)



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