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13 June, 2013

Rain On Me

This picture should really be hung up on the front door of this house! Or perhaps I will make them a doormat as it couldn't possibly get anymore accurate! hehe

Hope you've all had a cosy day indoors, a safe distance from the rainy weather.
I've taken a bit of a more relaxed approach to today (as in I am still running around in my bathrobe playing piano at random, watching movies, flat-hunting, puppy searching...)

I love days like this this. The rain is so beautiful and calming. Quite like to go down and sit by the rocks we have near the ocean out back and just have a little sit to clear my head. Not that I mind relaxing indoors either! All I'm missing now is a nice warm cup of cocoa!!

Have a lovely evening all :*

**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above image. All credit goes to its rightful owner.**


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