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20 June, 2013

Note To Self/Thank You!


I'd like to use this quick pre-bedtime post as an opportunity to say thank you all so SO much for all of your amazing support over this past month. Since "Smoke In The Rain" was started up the page views just seem to multiply! It's a pretty crazy thing to be able to witness and track your own success. One of those things that sincerely has the power to take you aback.

A massive thank you to all of you beautiful readers! I hope that somehow in my jumbled-up brain that I can manage to post things that fascinate you from time to time in the near future. Many of your previous requests have garnered positive attention and I had a lovely time writing/trying them so keep them coming!! Don't be shy :) I love to hear your opinions!! Just tweet me at xxEmKirstinexx or send me/DM me, send me a message on Facebook, or comment below!

Most of the quotes that I've posted up 'til this point, and will more than likely continue to post, are things that I like to use as reminders to myself (as I may have previously mentioned...y'all know how terrible my short-term memory is :( ) this is no exception. Specifically helpful when it comes to all things related to l o v e.

Have a lovely night! Off to bed now with my little cuddle buddy by my side. There'll be a post about our sisterly day today hopefully some time maƱana!


**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above image. All credit goes to its rightful owners.**


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