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23 June, 2013

Nighttime Quote

Getting all cosied up in my jammies, makeup off, iced water by my side along with my trusty EOS Lemon lip balm.--all signs that it is very soon my bedtime!  Had yet another beautiful evening in the best of company and in all seriousness, there's "too much" good food these days for my metabolism to keep up!! Got to get my arse in training again ASAP before this goes terrible wrong :P 

Don't know why this quote struck me head-on today, maybe cos I've been joking around with my ego so much recently. To me, wisdom is not something you simply claim that you have. It as a noun and as an adjective (wise) both strike me as rare words not to be used lightly but rather in carefully selected scenario's. I, myself, have always been good at finding my flaws and very good at hiding that fact from others. To me, and I'm sure to many it's obvious which "man" is optimal one as depicted in the below quote. However, if you look deeper into it and question which aspect(s) of this quote could/should be interpreted as the real flaw(s) and determine what your definition of "wise" gets to be a lot more interesting :)

Now maybe I've had too many glasses of wine tonight or TOK had bigger impact on me than what I've previously acknowledged...but personally I think it's a interesting quote that if nothing but, demonstrates to you what kind of a person you'd wish you to surround yourself with and be simply by laying out these two "options" so to speak.

*Attempted mind-f*ck completed*
**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above image. All credit goes to its rightful owners.**

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