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27 June, 2013

Midsummer 2013 (Sankt Hans) Pt. 1

Hello again!

I've got a pretty darn decent load of pictures from Midsummer's Eve and personally, I think it'll look a bit too cluttered (been there, tried that) if I were to post them all in a single post! Thoughts on this? How's the ratio of pictures to writing been so far, all? You know the drill. Send me a tweet at @xxEmKirstinexx, DM me, Facebook, or comment below.

Here's the first round of pics from the night! Lina and I fooled about on Photobooth just before the guest started arriving and not all of the pictures turned out all too terrible :D I'm gonna miss this child when she leaves me in less than a week! Can't believe how quickly the time has passed! Well, at least I've got some damn good memories already....lucky enough to even have captured a few of those moments/memories in pictures as follows ;) Enjoy!


First time trying to open a beer bottle with a lighter. 
I did it.


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