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09 June, 2013

"Lazy" Sunday

Amusing that the days leading up to Sunday have been lazier than today! Just finished packing up EVERYTHING from the house....ended up with 5 suitcases, 2 duffle bags, and 3 moving boxes filled with my shoes -___- Probably leaving for my grandparents within the next 2 days to start organising, sorting all my things out--what's to be tossed, sold, given to charity etc. Moving boxes, ahoy!! :D

Insane to think that my better half, my darling little sister will be here in exactly a week!!!!!!!!! Chuffed to bits over this, just can't believe how quickly time is going by! She'll be here, graduation, a few more parties, GRADES, Eleanor's 18th. birthday, and then flat-hunting time has already arrived!!

Been a very busy bee today helping my mum sell a few things, packing (of course), contacting owners of my potential new best friend (PUPPPYYYYYYY!!!!!!), planning my graduation reception party, speaking with my auntie & uncle out in Cayman, catching up on "Made In Chelsea" (gotta prep for England, ya know?), figuring out funding for uni (headache!), and enjoying the absolutely fabulous weather!

Don't think I've forgotten about the Bon Jovi post or the promised continuation of pictures from yesterday's outfit! They are on their way! Just trying to prioritise a wee bit. I'm even wearing the "Because We Can" shirt I got at the concert ;)

Hope you are all doing well and have enjoyed your weekend so far!



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