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21 June, 2013

"I'd love to go outside but it's's angry rain."

Afternoon all :)

Finally have some "time" to sit down and blog my little heart out. I miss it! I'm attempting to prioritise many, many things at the moment. If I'm not with my sister then I'm on the phone with real estate agents from England, composing, packing ?`!=)€(/&%RT!FBH€J IT NEVER ENDS...but I kinda love that part as well ;)

Wednesday was some of the "worst" weather I've seen in Denmark in awhile!! It was heavily raining all day, even with some proper thunder storms throughout the day/night. Not that they come anywhere near the spectacular ones we have in Arizona but it'll do ;) Lina and I thought, what better of a way to embrace the weather then by creating a really "hyggelig" (cosy is the best translation I can give you non-Danish speakers I'm afraid. Very difficult to translate but I love this word!) day inside complete with sweets, crisps, hot chocolate, duvets, Disney movies, French hotdogs, and a stable internet connection?! Who could have asked for more?? Even got in a bit of football/volleyball in the rain! I've missed playing sports with my sister.

Needless to say it was a lovely, relaxing day until we managed to both completely destroy the French hotdogs Mormor/Grandma purchased for us to make for dinner. When I say destroy I mean we managed to overcook, undercook, and blow up (it's me) nearly an entire pack of them. Whilst I was outside frustratedly throwing the bread soaked in ketchup out to the ducks (with the arm of a major league baseball player) Lina came up with the brilliant idea to give up on cooking and just head to the kiosk a few blocks down near the old house.

Popped in over at Mama's just to say hello on our way down in an attempt to avoid the storm hitting us at the worst possible point and as it would have been the first time she'd have seen Lina in 2 years I thought we should surprise her. It's really hard to surprise someone when the door is locked, you don't have a key, and neither of the doorbells work -__- So we hid in the rose bushes for no good reason. Hmmmphh. On the bright side, mummy's officially fully moved in to her place! There's still boxes all over the bloody place but now she's a one-house kinda girl ;)

All's well that ends well!! Lina got her hotdog and I got to enjoy my first olden days Danish waffle ice cream of the year!

Yesterday/Thursday was the stark opposite weather-wise of the day before with temperatures rising up to 30 degrees!! Lionel and I embarked on our first shopping expedition in search of a dress for her to wear to my reception later on this month. We went to my favourite sandwich place first, the sweat dripping off of every inch of our bodies, and realised that now there are officially beginning to be danish graduates that are NON-IB :D Guess our glory time is over now :( At least we still get special attention cos of our gorgeous flags ;) Although we didn't have any luck getting her at dress she did get a top from H&M and, of course, I ended up walking home with a few new additions to my wardrobe as well. Will do both my Zara & H&M Haul soon!!

Spent the rest of the day over at mummy's flat in the presence of good food, good weather, and good company! This little white chick even managed to catch a decent tan (oooohhhhh!!!!) I was, however, having some pretty extreme issues with being normal. Something I clearly struggle with daily...yesterday being no exception!! If I wasn't getting my hair caught in my ring or being some sort of an obscene animal, I'd like to think some of the pictures turned out quite lovely! And Lina just looks like a badass. Some celebrity on some elite, private roof-top garden party kind of badass. On a sidenote, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour of my nail varnish! I'll have to double check but I think the brand is Maybelline for some strange reason...

Off to grab a coffee with Jordan, best go get ready! I'm thinking Jeffrey Campbells and jeans ;)
Have a good night! And avoid the's evil again.

Title creds to my sister ;)


What I'm Wearing: 

Lace Top--Urban Outfitters
Skater Skirt--Topshop
Necklace--Forever 21
Watch--Michael Kors


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