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22 June, 2013

Not Easy


Trying to sort out as much of my life as possible in the 4 & a half hours I have alone today and it's not as relaxing as I had originally planned! My mind's attempting to work top-speed on 15 different things at once and I feel as though there's steam coming out from the top of my head! Poor brain <3

As mentioned earlier, Lina and I popped into H&M the other day on a bit of a shopping expedition and I got lucky with some perfect summer finds that I can add to my wardrobe! Probably isn't the smartest time to shop my heart out seeing as I'll have to pack it all up and move it to London in a few months time but then again....when have I ever made anything easy for myself?!

Been given the idea to do a few future posts on how you can incorporate one article of clothing/shoes/accessories into a few different outfits. Lina's convinced that those trousers can only be worn one way......... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. What do you think? Which one of these new articles of clothing would you most like to see made into 3 different outfits?

1.) Aztec Cheetah Top
2.) Red Short Shorts
3.) Navy Blue Leopard Romper/Playsuit
4.) Mixed Blue Psychedelic Trousers

Comment below, or tweet me your requests!


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