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22 June, 2013

Friday Night

Morning?! everyone :)

Had such a nice night tonight! Overall just a wonderful day. I remember early on my sister said she had this strange feeling that today would be a good day...what a nice feeling and very accurate! :) Went out with Jordan to a cafĂ© right around the corner from his family's store (AMAZING CLOTHES! Check it out: ;) ) to have a bit of coffee and gossip hehe Love a chill catch-up date with a good mate! And if Baileys just so happens to come in that package...well, I'm there in a heartbeat :P

Post-caffeine/chocolate/beer indulgence all three of us somehow managed to get 3 hours to pass by pretty quickly just by hanging out in the store! It's such a beautiful and cosy setting (company not being half bad either...) so with a bit of music and the appeal of some sick clothing all about, time flew by! Even worked up a sweat....showin' off my mad dance skills and all to my little sis. She's not as accustomed to my attempted twerkin'/"hip-hop"'in as Jordie is so it was some proper entertainment haha!

I'll have a well overdue outfit of the day (OOTD) post up for y'all tomorrow! Decided today that with her style being as ever-changing as mine, why not feature Lina here on Smoke In The Rain!? She's appeared before in many different ways (all more wonderful than the last :P) but not necessarily with regard to fashion! Great minds think alike ;) Stay posted!! Loads of hopefully great posts coming your way very soon.

Hope your weekend had as lovely as a start as mine did :)
Much love & sweet dreams to you all!


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