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18 June, 2013


Evening dolls :)
Had a massively chill day with my favourite person in the whole dang world today...still adjusting to the fact that she's actually here!! Did a bit of tanning, way too much eating, essentially just enjoying each other's company and the time we have in Denmark together.

She's sitting next to me now probably watching Essie Button or Lisa Eldridge whilst painting her nails in preparation for our trip into Odense tomorrow as I continue to obsess over this Little Mix song. I know I did a post on them a bit back but my obsession in specific to the song titled "DNA" is only growing as I discover more and more live performances ;) The lyrics aren't half bad considering it's a pop song, actually quite creative in my opinion and much more powerful (as most are) when sung acoustically and a cappella. I know what I'll be learning on the piano next!

A few of my favourite performances:

Nightie night!

**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above image nor the links below. All credit goes to their rightful owners.**


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