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03 June, 2013

Distortion, 2013: Day By Day

Day 1:

The first day there was off to a great start vibe-wise with the boys outside BBQing and me and Louise attempting homemade Caesar dressing for the salad (not easy...Danes have a VERY different recipe than the ones us two Americans were prepared for!) we had concocted. This was after I was made judge of a game called "Beer Bowling" I believe it was. hahahah OH THE POWER. If you know the game you know that all the power lies in the hands of the judge. Poor Anders (one of Hjalte's friends that came over to join us) had no idea who he was handing the position over to :P

After a wonderful dinner and a few drinks later, shocker, we never made it to Distortion that day because one of the lads had a bit too much to drink before we even made in out the door :(

This also managed to result in my phone being drowned in alcohol as it spilled all over the table leaving me with a beautiful blue spot under the screen -___- Baby Tulisa had to spend the night in a container of rice in hopes of reviving her the day after!

Not the best of events that could have occurred for multiple reasons....The main one being that I was one of the only people with the contact information of the graduates (from when we were in pre-IB) whom we had planned to meet up with.

This general direction of things followed us all the way to the centre of Copenhagen where Louise and I were hell-bent on going to a club to dance!! After meeting up, or rather, attempting to meet up with a few others, we kept losing members of the group to the influence of alcohol and within an hour of us walking about the streets of Copenhagen, they decided they were too tired and just wanted to head home. Louise and I essentially gave that whole plan the middle finger and went off on our own :D Would have worked too if we actually had the numbers necessary should there be an emergency.

Long-story made short...Night one was a waste of time and money, resulting in two livid Blondes and a group of practically useless boys :P I'm a control-freak. Won't even attempt at hiding it. So "going with the flow"....not really my deal. Louise and I had attempted to figure out where, when, and with who since 4 that afternoon -___- Not easy when you don't know the area and have to coordinate with the majority of the group (males).

Day 2:

Thankfully was off to a better-start already with the weather being practically FLAWLESS. We'd spent all of the night before in shorts and never once got chilly! I could seriously get used to this :) Perfect temperature!! Louise and I started off the day embracing the good weather and decided to start with our much-needed tanning. I won't say I've got a nice caramelly glow to me yet but every bit helps! hehe

Country music blaring, water/Sprite/Mojitos in hand, we really couldn't have been enjoying it any more. The boys were, of course, in the darkness of their man-cave that was "gaming central" downstairs in the basement up until dinner. The plan was for us to leave LATEST at 5:30 but dinner ran over-time. We met up with some more people in C-town, hung out there for a bit, picked up some food (yes, again), alcohol, etc. and were well-prepared for the 40 minute walk out to the Final Party at RefshaleĂžen (a completely unpronounceable location! Even the real Danes of the group couldn't manage.)

The rest of it is honestly a mystical, amazing blur that much as I tried, could not fully have been captured in pictures/videos taken by my beloved iPhone. I was too paranoid to bring my graduation had OR my professional camera into a sea of 10,000 people so I'm afraid this is all I can provide for you guys! Time went by so quickly and I'm quite impressed by how well our group managed to stay together even with us having to constantly run off to a different stage, the loo, to find water...Funnily enough though, even with all those people, we managed to run into a different group of our classmates not only once but TWICE throughout the evening! A big congrats for Alex on his big news by the way!! Proud of you, Fuzzy Monkey! Much love!

I for one, really hope to be able to come back and experience Distortion at its FULLEST in the future. Very much inclusive of the street parties going on when it is actually light outside! I so wish I could upload the videos but I've been waiting for them to load for the past hour and it doesn't seem to be progressing I'm afraid. I'll try with uploading just one...fingers crossed :) Have a good Monday!



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