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09 June, 2013

Bon Jovi Concert, 2013

Finally, I know!

Don't quite know why this particular post has taken so long to be honest. I think I thought I had 100 pictures to upload or something and in the beginning, yeah, probably did...but I've deleted quite a few as one always has to after a night out ;)

The night was absolutely amazing!! We got our appointments out of the way, grabbed a bus via Nyborg, got some junk to nibble on on our way to Copenhagen and then sort of just walked around a bit enjoying the city before we settled down at a cute café and had a few drinks. I had forgotten my phone charger (typical) and dear god was I lucky!! There was an Apple store literally as soon as we got off in Nørrebro (why we did that to begin with...don't ask...I know Parken is in Østerbro!) so I ran in and got a new charger to give my little darling some much needed juice! Sort of just enjoyed the weather before we headed off to the arena.

We got there WAAAAYYYYY before we needed to (typical Em thing to do...typical) so we had a lot of down time! A lot of eating and drinking was accomplished on this trip haha Neither of us knew who Bon Jovi's opening act was and that didn't change after he took the stage! Jens Marni I believe was his name and I can see, to a certain extent, why he was selected as their music/singing styles are very similar, but he didn't stand out to me at all--not very memorable.

I think the best thing about the entire evening, apart from him playing some of the classics, ( "YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME" ANYONE?!) was the good vibe!! It was there as soon as we arrived and I think the type of people there sincerely contributed to the overall success of the night! No problems, no violence or overly drunken idiots--a very nice change! Many of them were my mum's age but there were surprisingly quite a few mother/daughter pairs as well! Perhaps it wasn't me alone who thought a Bon Jovi concert would be a good Mother's Day gift! ;)

 Bloody hell this man doesn't age and neither does his talent! Such a cool guy. One of those people that comes across as really genuine and down to earth. The kind of person who can still just perform in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, giving it his all as soon as he hits the stage. Who you'd like to sit down, chill, and have a beer with!

Didn't get home until 6 in the morning and both of us were completely knackered!! Right proud of her for going and going hard at that!! The trip back home seemed like an 8 hour trip instead of a 3 hour trip though but when all you want is just to be at home and in your own bed everything just seems so prolonged!

Had the best time, couldn't have asked for much more!

"Anything from the trolley dear?"
"No thanks, I'm all set." :D

Something you don't see every day...

This would be the aftermath of being up for nearly 14 hours... :P


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