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17 June, 2013

Arrival Date

The day has finally come!!! Lina will be in Denmark right around 7 tonight and I will officially be the happiest person on the planet!! EEEKKKKKK!!!!

It's been a cosy past few days such chilling with Louise and the boys. I cannot tell you how terrible our movie picks are though! We somehow both managed to pick the strangest of films.....the ones that either leave you questioning yourself as a human being for hours thereafter or just leave you questioning the quality of the film industry to date.

Getting a bit of cleaning in now before we attempt to get some big-girl clothes on (i.e. anything but our tank tops and short shorts!) and find ways to occupy ourselves. Thankfully the weather looks quite nice from where I'm sitting so here's hoping it will stay that way all through the evening as well! Overly positive me decided to NOT pack anything warmer than a leather jacket for this little weekend trip...assuming that the weather was going to stay as beautiful as it's been for these past few weeks. Big mistake. Never underestimate the bipolar state of Danish weather ladies and gents!

?=%&/EDR#GHV!BJNK!OP)(/TR&FT!VGBHN AHHHHHHH I just can simply not contain my excitement any long. If you here a resonating scream around 7:30-8 p.m. tonight...that'd be the sign of me locating my better half :P

Hope you all had a great weekend! Kick-start your week positively :)



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