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19 June, 2013

Ain't No Sunshine

Morning all :)

Perfectly content with the cloudy weather even as it is currently ruining my sushi & shopping plans with my sister. The only two real reasons for this being Nina Nesbitt and my lovely cup of tea :)

She's not incredibly well known as of yet but I won't give it long before she takes the world by storm. First fell in love with her when I heard her song "Boy" and it has just continued in that direction since with my discovery of songs like "Statues" and "Just Before Goodbye". Her cover of "The Funeral" by Band of Horses is chilling, and how many 18 year old white chicks can you name that can pull off "Ain't No Sunshine" as casually and brilliant as her?! I can't name another song I'd rather wake up to than this one at the moment. The best way I could describe Nina Nesbitt to those of you unfamiliar with the name would  be something along the lines of...if Ed Sheeran had his voice stolen by the evil octopus lady from The Little Mermaid who proceeded to change the gender of said vocals and placed them in a mini rock version of Taylor Swift, you would have her more-or-less. To confine my early-morning rambles? I cannot find a single thing I dislike about this human being. A big step for me, I know :P



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