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23 June, 2013

A Girly Dinner

Good afternoon all :)

I'd like to start this post by saying THANK YOU!!! Yesterday we reached the 3rd. highest amount of page views since when SMITR first launched! :) *virtual high-five*

I've been having a streak of good luck for once with So many lovely nights out in a row! Feels like summer, even despite the weather, has finally come! It also seems to be settling in that I'M DONE. Now that I've had my hat on for a little over a month now and I've begun to see the normal graduates get theirs on it's sinking in that grades are right around the corner (#!)=/(P%R&DGHVYBJ#KN!IO)(U/&TG!HJ <---- my state of mind for the next week and a half.) and that once I've got those, everything's going to happen ridiculously fast from there on out!!

Hadn't gotten all too many pictures from last night's girly dinner as I was either too consumed in conversation or food to remember (still getting used to this whole bloggin' deal ;) ). I'd like to think that the memories that go with the few I have are worth more than a memory card full of photo's!!


Started off at Hanne's flat with a few drinks and goodies to pass the time before our dinner reservation.

My girls! 


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