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30 May, 2013


A clear sign that summer is indeed right around the corner is when it's time for my grandparents to start setting up their beautiful sailboat, Sirius!

I love sailing, it's one of my goals in life to learn how to! It's been a family summer tradition for years to go out around Svendborg Sund on a breezy, warm evening and have a few post-dinner goodies aboard.

One of my fondest memories from my childhood has to be the trips that my grandparents, my little sister Caroline/Lina, and I had via boat to the islands further out--Skarø, Drejø, etc. They are these incredibly cozy, old-fashioned islands with endless fields to run through, cafés in the woods, beautiful beaches, and for someone like me, all of that means a piece of adventure ;)

I do hope that someday I can go back but unfortunately, this will probably be the last summer that any of those options stand as my grandparents age. Although gracefully so, one cannot deny that the ripe age of 80 isn't really one to risk sailing about on the seas! Best enjoy it while I least until I can get my very own sailboat ;)

I'm really going to miss the harbour once mummy officially moves out. Hard to accept that a house that's practically my childhood home is no longer in the family after over 60 years :( Cherishing the moments...and the view!!



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